Master of Science Programme in Software Engineering H07 (PAASE--H07)

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Code: PAASE--H07
Svenska: Masterprogram i Software Engineering H07

[edit] Description of the programme

The education fulfils the goals set by the Swedish Higher Education Act.

[edit] Introduction

Software engineering has emerged from the computer science field. Software engineering includes the application of computer science topics integrated with tools, methods, economics and organisational issues. In addition, the practise of software engineering has to deal with issues such as the management of large development projects, human factors, and cost/progress estimation and control.

[edit] Overview

The programme is organised into three different tracks: Technology, Management and Business Development. The technology track includes courses, for example, in software architecture and design, verification and validation and requirements engineering. The management track includes project and quality management, software measurements and knowledge management. The business development track deals with marketing, software economics and courses aiming at providing knowledge for future entrepreneurs within the software engineering field. All courses are taught from a process, product and service perspective. A mandatory Master’s dissertation project comprising twenty weeks is also included in the programme. The education comprises seminars, individual and team assignments, written reports, small research assignments, and oral presentation of results

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