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A wiki quiz can not replace exams, and it is not meant to do so. The purpose of a wiki quiz is to make self-tests, meaning “cheating” is not meant to be impossible, or even difficult. A wiki quiz is like math examples and the answer page you sometimes get with them. A wiki quiz can be a excellent tool for presenting an exam example, or to make a self-test as preparations before an exam.

[edit] Example

1. Type text here or a no-break space code

What's the acronym for Blekinge Institute of Technology?

2. Is quiz meant for as a replacement to exams?


3. Three things everyone can agree on.

Ice cream is delicious
Kittens are adorable
Everything is always perfect.
Bad things are wrong.

4. Question

Yes No Always Wrong
Ice tea is not tea.
Bool true.

5. Are you glad this quiz is over?

Yes! The building is on fire!
Maybe, if I had some ice cream.
Ice cream is bad for you!
No! I want more, MORE, Much MORE!
Evil laughter Now you are hooked!
Was this a quiz?

Your score is 0 / 0

You can also give feedback for any submitted answer, by writing "|| feedback_text_here" under a question.

See also the official simple help page and the official full documentation.

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