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You do not have to log in to read this Wiki. You do not have to log in to edit articles on the Wiki. Nevertheless, creating an account has some benefits and any student at BTH can do so. For creating and logging in users, FUKT applies a technique called OpenID for handling the identifications, with one of the biggest advantages being that the site itself will not need to store any private/sensitive information about the user, which is commonly used as the only method of identification in other systems.


[edit] How to create an account?

In order to create an account on the wiki, you need to apply an OpenID-specific code to your personal home page on BTH( or FUKT( The personal home page then becomes the ID used to identify you. You also need to have an account on an OpenID server. This can be done either by signing up on an already established server, or by running a new OpenID server yourself. Which server you use won't matter since the identification token is your home page and not the specific server. When you have an account on an OpenID server, you need to attach the OpenID code to your homepage.

<!-- If not a FUKT member, change this to your OpenID server -->
<link rel="openid.server" href=""> 
<!-- Change this to your OpenID account -->
<link rel="openid.delegate" href="">
<!-- Other header tags like <title> -->
<!-- The page body -->

[edit] How to create a personal home page at FUKT or BTH?

All members at FUKT can edit their own personal homepage by adding an index.html file in the www directory below their home directory, which is almost identical to how you create a personal homepage at BTH. On DAT's site on BTH there is an instruction manual on how to do this.

[edit] How to log in?

Go to Special:OpenIDLogin. If a FUKT member, enter your nick last so it will look something like this:
If you have applied a OpendID code to your homepage, write the URL to your home pages instead, example:

There is an article about this subject on Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia.

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