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[edit] Seminar 2 (2007-09-14)


[edit] Seminar 3 (2007-09-18 )

1. Build conceptual data model

1.1 Identify entity types
1.2 Identify relationship types
1.3 Identify and associate attributes with entity or relationship types
1.4 Determine attribute domains
1.5 Determine candidate, primary, and alternate key attributes
(Draw UML diagram here)
1.6 Check model for redundancy
1.7 Validate conceptual model against user transactions
1.8 Review conceptual data model with user

2. Build and validate logical data model

2.1 Derive relations & logical data model
2.2 Validate relations using normalization
2.3 Validate relations against user transactions
2.4 Check integrity constraints
2.5 Review logical data model with user
2.6 Check for future growth
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