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[edit] Aspect-Oriented Software Development

“Aspect-oriented software development (AOSD) methods propose new software modularization boundaries that provide additional opportunities for reuse and easier maintenance”.[1]

Modularization is the key aspect in any programming especially in the case of object oriented and aspect oriented. In aspect oriented the main emphasis is to improve modularization in the systems.

[edit] Crosscutting Concerns

“Crosscutting concerns are domain specific concepts that do not fit into an object abstraction.”[1] i am not satisfied with this definition

[edit] Aspect

  1. “It is an artifact to address a requirement”.
  2. “It is a crosscutting concern”.
  3. “Aspects are behaviors that are tangled and scattered across a system”.
  4. “An aspect is an element of functionality that is woven throughout other system behaviors.”[1]

    [edit] Early Aspects

    “Early aspects are crosscutting concerns that are identified in the early phases of the software development life cycle, including requirements analysis, domain analysis and architecture design. Secondly, early aspects also impact aspects in the subsequent phases.”[1]

    [edit] References

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    [edit] Useful Links

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