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Blekinge Kårspex is a section under the student union for students who like to be part of the yearly spex. A spex is a theather performance with strong influences from operettas, opera, theater, musicals, farces, and so on. It has a plot which is usually broken with some outbursts of (more or less good) singing.

In order to be able to perform the spex there is a lot of preparations that needs to be made. Props has to be built, an orchestra has to rehearse, a script has to be written, the stage has to be prepared, the script has to be rehearsed and all this take a lot of work and fun.

If you want to be a member of Blekinge kårspex, don't hesitate to contact them (via mail, telephone, talk, etc.) or talk to them at the students pub. The senior members of Blekinge is easily recognized by their red vests with the Blekinge Kårspex logotype at the back.

— “We need you for Blekinge Kårspex!”

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